The beautiful pieces from the Artful Collection by Stella Maris are characterized by the harmonious forms and shapes that were skilfully worked into the exquisite designs. The delicate pendants and earrings of this collection were designed with great attention to detail. The size and placement of each element, the amount of stones set onto each piece, the choice of stone, ceramic and metal colour – In order to create extraordinary jewellery masterpieces every single part of the design has been well thought through.

To make sure that the pieces will last you a lifetime only the finest materials were used. Premium ceramic, 925 silver, Zirconia stones of the highest quality grade AAA, Swarovski elements and genuine diamonds – These precious materials vouch for the quality and durability of Stella Maris jewellery pieces. Crafted with careful consideration and completed with thorough individual quality inspections, each piece is sure to fit you just fine, giving you high wearing comfort so you can enjoy wearing the pieces on a daily basis.

Since ancient times people used circles to symbolize permanence and infinity. Likewise our designers incorporated elegant circular and oval elements into each jewellery piece as symbols for timeless, everlasting beauty. No matter which season, which occasion, which outfit – The classic designs are sure to flatter every woman who loves a settle touch of luxury in her everyday wardrobe.

Created to make you shine – The exceptional jewellery pieces form the Artful Collection by Stella Maris!

Artful Collection