The watches from the Southern Cross Series are parts of a worldwide exclusively limited collection of special models. The collection owes its name to a very unique star constellation, the Southern Cross. This constellation has always been one of the most important star formations in human history. Aside from the most famous star in the night sky, the Stella Maris (North Star in Portuguese), the Southern Cross has always served as a steady guide for safe navigation on sea. Without its help sailors would have probably never been able to discover new distant continents while safely finding their way back home again. That is why the Southern Cross has hence been known for its positive magical powers.

That special star constellation is being represented by five genuine diamonds on the watch face of every Southern Cross watch by Stella Maris. The Southern Cross on each watch shall symbolically guide its wearer safely through the challenges of today’s life. This is what turns each model of the collection into an extraordinarily elegant watch with a very special meaning behind its carefully crafted design.

Besides, the watches are characterized by the use of finest materials. Each watch has been adorned with diamonds, Swarovski elements, genuine pearl, sapphire glass and premium ceramic. Combined, they create a very unique piece of jewelry for everyone who loves a touch of special luxury on the wrist. Ten diamonds give each watch dial its brilliant shine while the premium ceramic creates a silky luster on the watch surfaces. Additional brilliance is provided by the Swarovski elements and various special features complete the Southern Cross watch, making it a precious accessory which satisfies all those special desires.

Elegance, style and luxury – all combined in the Southern Cross watches by Stella Maris!

Southern Cross