Stella Maris Silkscarves

A unique silk scarves creation by Stella Maris

  • Silk has always embodied sensuality and luxury. The noble material has a gentle lustre and falls wonderfully against the skin. For our Stella Maris scarves, we select only the most beautiful silk styles, which are characterized by a soft and pleasant feel. No other fibres are added in order to preserve the typical characteristics of the silk material. The production of silk is based on a Chinese tradition which dates back a thousand years. Due to the rarity and the elaborate processing silk was mainly appreciated by wealthy people. Silk is considered a true wonder of nature: It is the strongest natural fibre known to mankind, yet no other material is found to be as soft and lightweight.

  • The insulating properties make a silk scarf a year-round accessory, which warms you up during cold winters and keeps you cool during hot summers. The properties of silk have convinced us instantly and motivated us to create the first Stella Maris silk scarf collection. The creation of a silk scarf is a demanding process that requires a lot of skills, know-how and creativity. The Stella Maris designer team starts with the selection of the material. The right choice of silk is of great importance for the final appearance and quality of the scarf. If you choose silk which is too thin, the design can not be properly transferred to the cloth and the scarf can tear quickly. The silk blanks are tested extensively for grip, lustre, wearing comfort and resistance to achieve a perfect product later on. Parallel to the material selection, the design team begins with the first sketches and designs. Hereby, we get inspired by the latest trends from the fashion world, as well as by classical ornaments and structures. The motifs and, above all, the thematic orientation of the scarves are discussed and first sketches are then made on paper by hand.

  • We end up with unique creations that are appreciated not only by Stella Maris fans but also by customers worldwide. We only use the most beautiful and elegant patterns and colours for our Silk Collection. The silk scarves are carefully and gently printed. After printing the cloths, a so-called "invisible" thread is individually hand-sewn into the edges. That way, every single silk scarf is unique. A final quality check is made. We and our customers consider Stella Maris silk scarves as something special. For this reason, every single scarf is individually packaged for shipment to our worldwide customers.

Discover the Stella Maris silk scarves and convince yourself of the exclusivity of these fine accessories: