Stella Maris Jewellery

Artful, Graceful, Heartful & Eternal - The Stella Maris Jewellery Collections

  • Stella Maris has made it a mission to create unique accessories which cannot be found anywhere else. It is thanks to the combination off latest technologies, most elegant materials and unique concepts and styles that enables our brand to stay ahead of the competition. At the core of our assortment are the Stella Maris watch collections which embody our noble philosophy in every element.

  • The unique designs of the Stella Maris diamond studded jewellery pieces are sure to deeply impress you as they are all intricate constructions which still manage to exude minimalistic and timeless elegance. A perfect combination of simple and fancy makes Stella Maris the most desirable exclusive online jewellery store. Browse through our website to lay your hands on the most extraordinary designs. The pieces with their high quality, long durability and unique designs can be worn during every season, to every occasion and at every time of the day – be it during working hours or at special events and parties.

  • The brand Stella Maris owes its name to the most famous star in the night sky, the North Star. That is why the brand’s trademark, a brightly shining star, adorns every single one of our carefully crafted accessories - in the form of brightly shimmering real diamonds. So what really defines a Stella Maris product are the genuine diamonds which adorn each dial. Every second turns into a luxury experience with a Stella Maris watch on your wrist.

All of our amazing collections are available on this website. They are listed below for you to check them out: