Stella Maris Watches

What makes Stella Maris watches special

  • Stella Maris has made it a mission to create unique accessories which cannot be found anywhere else. It is thanks to the combination off latest technologies, most elegant materials and unique concepts and styles that enables our brand to stay ahead of the competition. At the core of our assortment are the Stella Maris watch collections which embody our noble philosophy in every element.

  • Our watches aim to fulfil even the most luxurious desires. Blessed with a loyal clientele we feel all the more motivated to create exquisite timepieces which exude luxury and class. Main reason behind the finesse of our accessories is the use of best materials in the creation process. The materials used - those include finest stainless steel, sapphire glass, mother of pearl and premium ceramic - vouch for the high quality, maximum wearing comfort and long durability of Stella Maris watches. Click here to learn more about the materials we use.

  • The brand Stella Maris owes its name to the most famous star in the night sky, the North Star. That is why the brand’s trademark, a brightly shining star, adorns every single one of our carefully crafted accessories - in the form of brightly shimmering real diamonds. So what really defines a Stella Maris product are the genuine diamonds which adorn each dial. Every second turns into a luxury experience with a Stella Maris watch on your wrist.

  • Inspired by both the fascinating beauty of nature and the mystical phenomena from astronomy our collections exude timeless elegance and a unique charm. Our designers merge those inspirations with dynamic impulses from well-known fashion hubs. This ultimately results in mesmerizing accessories which add a touch of glamour to every woman’s wardrobe.

Are you ready to experience the fascinating world of Stella Maris timepieces?