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Is my Stella Maris watch waterproof?

All the details related to water resistance in all the products are listed in the manual. Stella Maris watches are normally water resistant at 50 meters deep in water; however this is related to the so-called static water pressure.In case your watch comes in contact with water on a constant basis, it may end up damaging the watch. The case is tested well for compressive strength during manufac-ture, so do not open the watch on your own. Always trust a professional watch mechanic or an ex-pert for maintenance. Never wear your watch to the ocean as the salty water is sure to damage the bracelet and leave it tarnished.

Where can I find the manual for my Stella Maris watch?

The manual is sent along with the Stella Maris watch in the box. In case you lose your manual, you can download the manual of the watch from the website by inserting the model number.

How do I set the time?

The details for the same are listed in the manual sent along with the watch.

How do I care for my ceramic bracelet?

The cleaning and maintenance for the ceramic strap must only be done with special cleaning agents. Never use any harmful or too strong substances for ceramic, it might damage it. Also, you must not keep the bracelet in water for cleaning and keep away from saline water.


How do I care for my Stella Maris Jewelry?

Softly clean all your jewelry with a clean soft damp cloth. No chemical cleaners must be used as they can have harmful effects on the surface.

What do I have to avoid?

In order to keep your Stella Maris jewelry shiny and new, always keep away from the follow-ing:

  • Body care products like creams and perfumes, as they may create a dull film on the jewelry piece.
  • Household cleaners and bleach damage the surface, because of the aggressive ingre-dients.
  • Also avoid contact with sweat as it may end up tainting the surface.
How do I store my Stella Maris jewelry?

The storage of each of the jewelry items must be done in a spacious container or box. Avoid keeping the accessories close to one another as metals can cause scratched on the surface of the jewelry and end up ruining the shine. You must always keep your jewelry in a safe je-welry box with a soft surface. Always close the hook of the neckpieces and bracelets, to avoid any ugly and unnecessary attachments.Ensure a dry atmosphere to keep the surface clean and unharmed.